Etudiant qui travaille sur un ordinateur portableEtudiant qui travaille sur un ordinateur portable

The principle is to simplify all of your – often tedious – administrative tasks such as the management and recording of children in day-care, invoicing, monitoring of parents' payments, editing ONE Birth and Early Childhood Agency statistics, statement of supervisors' services, sending reminders to parents, etc.

All this, while allowing for more appropriate financial management and avoiding daily handling of money, which is often a source of error.

Do you find the recording of your day-care students' attendance tedious? Recording errors are frequent and you're wasting your time ? Our software is here to help !

Attendance and recording are fast and reliable. The flexibility of our software allows for configuration adapted to your situation. This allows you to manage all the activities in your school: day-care centres, extra-curricular activities, hot meals, swimming pool sessions, and more.

All these activities can be managed according to your prices and your schedules!

In practice

During each activity, children will be scanned using a QR code (for example in the form of a key ring placed on their schoolbag) or an NFC chip.

The scan will then be exported to the Quick School software which can generate invoices, reminders, tax certificates, etc., in just a few clicks.

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